C.) 4-Square and Beer ($7)  Dodgeball · Co-Ed Novice

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The Duce
Team Evolution Real Estate
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Who's ready for some Coed 4-Square inside a bar while drinking down some Hamm's, PBR, Schlitz.. or a mixed drink!?! Come meet new friends! This is the first time we've ever done this so everyone will be brand new..
Yep that's right I said it... 4-Square.. big rubber ball.. four squares on the ground.. just like you played in grade school... but now you're old enough to drink beer. :)

**Bring Everyone You Know!**

This is held at an awesome venue in downtown Phoenix called the Duce. It's a huge converted warehouse that has a bar inside, food, music, a boxing ring, clothing line, etc..

The Duce is so big they are letting us hold as many 4-Square Games as we can get going.

What you say you.. don't quite remember 4-Square??
I'll explain the rules when you get there, but in case you're curious.. here they are!
The Rules.. http://youtu.be/Xb9MEiDgC3Q

$7.00 per person
Bring Cash! Two hours of 4-Square!
You're on your own for beer, but prices range from the cheap $2-$3 beers to the more expensive fresh squeezed cocktails.

The Duce
525 South Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004
Bar Phone: (602) 866-3823
Web: http://theducephx.com/
Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/GOyRp

These videos aren't of us playing, but here's a few 4-Square Videos for you to check-out.

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